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Admission Requirements

University entry qualification (UEQ)
In order to study at Bremen University of Applied Sciences you must submit evidence of your eligibility based on your previous school education or professional qualification—thus proving that you fulfill the necessary standard requirements for entry. A general higher education certificate (Abitur) or a vocational/technical diploma (Fachabitur) are normally the entry qualifications required for studying at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. In addition, there are other university entry qualifications.

General university entry qualification (Abitur)

Please inform yourself about the entry requirements for the study course you prefer before you submit your application
Apart from only few excepted study courses, evidence that requirements specific to the study course have been fulfilled must also be submitted to Bremen University of Applied Sciences, for example, your vocational training certificate, a certificate of a prior period of practical training, certified special language skills. This condition must be fulfilled before your application will be considered in the admissions procedure.

The course-related admission requirements for each study course are stated in the special information leaflets which are available at the Study Course Page.

Eligibility test / Work sampl
In the bachelor's degree study course Architecture B.A., an eligibility test is conducted in order to assess the candidates' creative artistic skills. The dates are published on the website of the study course.

Prior period of practical training
As an entry requirement some study courses at Bremen University of Applied Sciences demand either a vocational training (apprenticeship) or a relevant period of prior practical training usually of at least 8 weeks (also considerably longer in case of various study courses). This previous practical training must be completed, in whole or in part, on the first day of classes (depending on the entry requirements of the study course of your choice) and evidenced by a corresponding practical training certificate . Please seek information about the requirements applying to the study course you plan to take on the Study Course Pages .

It is a general rule that Bremen University of Applied Sciences does not make any arrangements for outside practical training!

Certified language skills
Numerous study courses are held in German or English language. For this reason, a certificate giving evidence of your English and/or German language skills should accompany your application in the shape of an acknowledged English/German language proficiency test. The relevant certificates must be submitted at the time of your application. Please seek information about the requirements applying to the study course you plan to take on the Study Course Pages.
Information regarding certified German language proficiency is available here.
Lots of information for incoming students is available at the International Office.



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