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Bremen - Alabama and back

"Bremen – Alabama and back" -  A network project carried out by Hochschule Bremen – City University of Applied Sciences (Bremen City UAS), in collaboration with Bremeninvest, the service branch of the Bremen Economic Development GmbH

Financial support by the German "Stifterverband" (Donors' Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany)

Duration: until the end of 2018 (modified activities to be continued in 2019)

Project Goals: Establish a trans-Atlantic university-company partnership network to offer internship opportunities in engineering for excellent students of the university partners in Bremen and Alabama

Summary: The project focuses on strengthening the Bremen-Alabama relationship through a cooperation between Bremen City UAS, the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) as well as the Airbus DS and Mercedes Benz plants in Bremen and Alabama. Core of the project is to establish a prototype of a practice partnership network to offer unique and individually designed internship opportunities for excellent students of the respective universities, in Bremen and Alabama, on a regular basis. For this project, we concentrate on two Bachelor programs – Aerospace Technologies and Mechatronics. However, the concept is designed to be transferable to other STEM subjects and business partners as well as other U of A institutions. The proposal is supported by the Bremen State Authority for Economics, the Bremeninvest branch office in Atlanta, GA, and the Bremen sites of the two companies. Starting point for the project activities are the already existing relationships of HSB with the UAH as well as the Bremen sites of Airbus DS and Mercedes Benz. These company cooperations include not only student internships, but also applied research projects in the Bremen City UAS laboratories, including PhD projects.

Implementation: The two programs in Aerospace Engineering and Mechatronics are representative of all other non-international (and dual mode) technical programs at Bremen City UAS. The concept of this project is to use these two programs as examples and test their transferability with the perspective to further develop the internationality of the other Bremen City UAS programs regarding transnational mobility (outgoing, incoming) as well as “internationalization@home”, e.g. by attracting more international exchange students.
This concept also works for our university partner in Alabama.

Project Coordinator
Name Phone E-Mail
Tauerschmidt, Heike, Dr. +49 421 5905 2640  send
Coordination Aerospace
Name Phone E-Mail
Conrad-Juhls, Sandra +49 421 5905 3511  send
Coordination Automotive Mechatronics
Name Phone E-Mail
Averbeck, Birgit +49 421 5905 5433  send

Project Contact at Bremeninvest:

Andreas Gerber
Director International Affairs
T: +49-421-9600-123


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