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Media Competence Center (MMCC)

The Media Competence Center (MMCC) is a facility at the Hochschule Bremen, concerned with the integration of New Media into study environments and the coordination of the required processes in their didactical, organizational and technical dimensions.
Among others the MMCC is responsible for operating the learning platform AULIS.
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Your questions will be answered by the colleagues of the Media Competence Center
Name Phone E-Mail
Wilkens, Ulrike, Dr. Ing. +49 421 5905 5458  send
Balke, Ralf-Peter +49 421 5905 5471  send
Riebe, Katharina +49 421 5905 4780  send
You may visit us for individual support or seminars at Bremen Airport City:
Hochschule Bremen
ZIMT (Zentrum für Informatik und Medientechnologien) Flughafenallee 10,
Rooms 315 and 307.


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