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Topics of the 5th Conference LTHU

5th Internationale Conference
Low Temperature and Waste Heat Use in
Communal and Industrial Energy Supply Systems

on Thursday 25th October 2018

○ Potentials and Techniques of Waste Heat Recovery and Use in Energy Supply Systems on Ships
other topics:
  • Energetic and Economical Effectiveness of Low Temperature and Waste Heat Use
  • Organic Rankine Cycles
  • Heat pumps and Heat Transformers
  • Micro-Turbines, Stirling Engines
  • System Analysis, Combined Solutions with Renewable Energy Use
  • Waste Heat Use in Biogas Plants
  • Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers
Industrial visit of the shipyard Meyer in Papenburg on Friday 26th of October 2018

Passagierschiff der Meyer Werft
Meyer Werft
not obligatory:
30th September :
author-prepared print-version in word and pdf format
Possibility for publication in “Archives of Thermodynamics”

15th September :
online-registration and bank transfer


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