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Technology Transfer

The Institute for Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering has been active in technology transfer for over 20 years. The development of innovative methods for monitoring and visualising current patterns and sedimentation problems in waterways, sea and tidal harbours has taken them overseas.

Technology transfer is carried aout in the fields of

  • Planning, implemantation and analysis of hydrological surveys and bed samples.
  • Determining design parameters from water levels, waves, currents and ice.
  • Analysis and assessment of sedimentation and erosion processesin rivers, tidal rivers and harbours as wel las on sandy coasts on the basis of surveys with the help of analytic and numerical models.
  • Application of of analytic and numerical models in the conceptual design and valuation of coastal structures such as revetments, seal walls breakwaters, groins and beach replenishment.
  • Conceptual design and valuation of flood protection measures on the coast and inland.
  • Development of of mobile flood protection structures for rapid deployment.
  • Layout of sea terminals and cargo handling systems.
    Layout of inland harbours on rivers and canals.
  • Developing recreational marinas on the coast, on rivers, canals, lakes. Feasibility studies and surveys.



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