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Members of the Institute can be lecturers and professors of the Hochschule Bremen, project partners of research projects of the Institute as well as project staff. The admission is decided by the board.


Tim Goydke is professor of Japanese Economy and Society at the School of International Business, Bremen University of Applied Sciences. He studied economics with a focus on Japan at Duisburg University, Germany, Dokkyo University, Japan, and the University of Wales, UK. After this he worked at Duisburg University as a research and teaching fellow and received his Ph.D. with a work on industrial policy in Japan and Korea in 2002. He worked as a regional manager responsible for Japan, Korea, and Sourth Asia for the Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV) in Hamburg, Germany, before he joined the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. His current research interests include institutional change, leadership culture, and succession in SMEs in Asia.

Monika Schaedler is professor of Chinese Economy and Society at the School of International Business, Bremen University of Applied Sciences. She received her academic degrees in economics (diploma/ M.Sc., 1979) and sinology (Ph.D., 1988) from the University of Hamburg after studying in Berlin, Hamburg and Peking. Her present research concentrates on China’s social politics, on foreign business in China, cross-cultural aspects of business, corporate social responsibility, management issues, corporate culture and leadership in China. Among her recent publications are articles on social security, human resource management, corporate social responsibility and management in China.
Joachim Freimuth is professor of Business Studies, Human Resource and Personnel Management at the School of International Business, Bremen University of Applied Sciences. He studied economics, business studies and pedagogics in Bremen and Landau. 1981 he received his doctor’s degree in economics. He gained practical experience in human resource management in a multinational company, in management and personnel consulting as well as in the management of a company. Working as freelance consultant since the mid-eighties, he focuses on coaching, leadership, problem and conflict moderation, management of change and organizational development. His publications include all topics mentioned above.

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Research Fellows

Constanze WangConstanze Wang is a PhD candidate with the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of Cologne. She graduated in Chinese and Business Studies at Bremen University of Applied Sciences after studying in Bremen and Beijing. At Bremen University of Applied Sciences she and her colleagues conducted the research project "Intellectual Property in Sino-German Cooperation” (2008-2012), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Her research and teaching surrounds the Chinese economy and society with a particular focus on intellectual property, human resource management and the internet in China (see publication list). She is experienced in field research and qualitative interviewing in China. Further, she gained work experience as shipping agent, in online marketing, with the Sino-German Economic and Structural Reform Programme at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (formerly: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)) in Beijing as well as at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg. In her PhD thesis (forthcoming), she investigates how Chinese employees in foreign enterprises in China draw the boundaries between their knowledge and the enterprise’s knowledge as well as between the enterprise’s knowledge and China’s business environment.


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