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The EAMRI is closely linked with the Asia-related courses of the university, both on Bachelor and Master levels. The Bachelor course "Applied Business Languages and International Management" (AWS) with a focus on the Arab world, China, and Japan offers a rare combination of business studies with language and regional studies. In the advanced training segment the Institute accompanies the part-time Master program "East Asian Management" (EAM). The Institute complements and supports the education and training efforts through its reference to teaching and practice-oriented research activities. Students and graduates participate in research through dissertations and theses linked to practical work in companies.

Various activities of the Institute promote a continuous knowledge transfer between Asia-related research and teaching on the one hand, and the business sector on the other side. Research results appear both in scientific as well as in practice-oriented publications. An important role plays the realization of events (lectures, workshops, conferences), not only for knowledge transfer between research, teaching and practice, but also as a means to familiarize a wider audience with the activities of the Institute.



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