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Hochschule Bremen

Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Since the founding of the technical college in 1894, architects and civil engineers have been successfully educated in the Hanseatic city of Bremen; back then, still in the Construction Union School of the College of Technology and today in the Faculty of Architecture, Construction and Environment at The Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
Architecture stands amid the fields of tension between reason, knowledge and intuition and is generally an inter-disciplinary area, which incorporates important components from the humanities, the social and natural sciences, the arts and technology.
The degree in Architecture is oriented around the professional duties of an architect and thereby strives towards the goal of providing a path for the student into the multi-facetted world of architectural creation.
Civil engineers plan, construct, calculate, build, research and develop for nearly every area of life.

The study course of Civil Engineering is accredited as a consecutive Bachelor’s and Master's Degree with the college grades of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and a Master of Science (M.Sc.).
On grounds of the increasing significance of environmental problems, the study course Environment Technology was founded in 1992 and established as an international study programme with a compulsory, one-year overseas placement.



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