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Incoming students

The School of International Business attracts students from all over the world and from an ever increasing number of different countries, creating a truly multicultural and global campus atmosphere.

While we believe in providing our students with a solid grounding in the theories and methods of business, management, economics, statistics and law, our teaching approach also puts a strong emphasis on the practical application of this knowledge in the real working world. Most of our courses are taught in German. Exchange students are strongly encouraged to attend these courses if they have the appropriate language proficiency in German. As part of our effort to internationalise our curriculum and to also be more attractive for international students from all over the world, SiB currently offers more and more courses taught in English. Above 50 courses cover the whole range of the core areas of business, management and economics and serve as a key element in our exchange relationships.

Information for incoming students

We offer a wide range of support for our exchange students.

Please download our brochure and follow the course catalogue with the descriptions of the lectures.


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