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LabVIEW based measurements and control system of micro-ORC-Installation with scroll expander

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Julius Robert Mayer - Institut für Energietechnik

Smolen, Slawomir, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Eicke, Albrecht, Dipl.-Ing.

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Smolen, S., Eicke, A.,
LabVIEW based measurements and control system of micro-ORC-Installation with Scroll Expander

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17-th International Conference on Heat Transfer and Renewable Sources of Energy,
Polish Academy of Science, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin,
Book of Abstracts, ISBN 978-83-7663-264-3, September 2018


An innovative ORC-installation with a scroll engine as expansion device has been developed and designed at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. This new transportable installation has the specific capability to be connected to an alternative power source, such as solar power. Pentafluoropropane (R245fa) has been selected as the working fluid because it is suitable for the required temperature ranges and exhibits some additional advantages related to this specific application. The details of the ORC-Cycle have been presented in another paper and are not the main topic of the presented work.
The core matter of this paper is the measurement and control system of the installation, which enables the thermodynamic evaluation of the obtained experimental data, some back coupling, and control tasks.



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