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Optimization of Overcritical Organic Rankine Cycle

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Julius Robert Mayer - Institut für Energietechnik

Smolen, Slawomir, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Wang, Qing Quan,

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S. Smolen, Q. Q. Wang
Optimization of Overcritical Organic Rankine Cycle

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Advances in Mechanical and Energy Engineering Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 831, pp 306-315, 2016,
© (2016) Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland
ISBN 978-3-03635-796-4
ISSN print 1660-9336
ISSN od 1660-9336
ISSN web 1662-7482

DOI: 10.4028/

This paper explores the optimization cases for overcritical Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in various situations. First the ORC optimization in terms of working fluid selection is discussed. In this case, thermal efficiencies for 10 different working fluids have been calculated under certain temperature frames and the results are compared. Second, overcritical optimization case in terms of variation of hot temperature and evaporation pressure is presented. In this overcritical ORC case, the influence of evaporation pressure on ORC thermal efficiency is studied by conducting a case study of R234a, and first 1-D freedom optimization case is discussed within the variation of evaporation pressure. 2-D freedom optimization is also considered, in which the two independent variables, hot temperature and evaporation pressure, are both varied within certain boundaries. This study employs numerical method for this 2-D problem and it is also presented in detail in the case study.



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