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Internet Directory of the Microalgae Industry

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Klöck, Gerd, Prof. Dr.

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Klöck, Gerd: A Microalgae Industry Directory. Renewable Energy World (online). 2010

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A Microalgae Industry Internet Directory
Producing bio fuels from micro algae oil has recently been proposed as a renewable, carbon neutral and alternative to fossil-based transportation fuels. The excessive commercial and political interest in sustainable sources for transportation fuels from renewable is creating new opportunities, but also new challenges for industrial algae producers. In contrast to the increasing interest in this industry, it is very difficult to get an overview of which companies are already able to supply algae, and which production volumes are realistic.
Because of their biochemical and morphological diversity, there is a growing market for micro algae in a commercial scale, the total production of micro algae is 5000 tons per annum. Micro algae are able to synthesis fatty acids (FA) especially essential polyunsaturated fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid or docosahexaenoic acid as well and generally their nutritional value is relatively high. Therefore, they are in great demand. In many cases, the nutritional value is higher than in conventional food like meat, milk or soybeans. Commercial products are pills, capsules, extracts or powder, or they are use as additive in beverages or pasta. The global sales reach up to 2.5 Billion US $,
There are various fields next to the food industry that benefit from the biotechnology of micro algae. For example, the aqua cultivation, the feed and pharmaceutical industry or sectors of chemistry, pet food, health food or the cosmetic industry as well have application of different species of micro algae. Diverse companies worldwide produce fine chemicals like dyes or fatty acids, analytical standards for algal toxins and natural carotenoids.
The most important micro algae used commercially are Spirulina spp., Chlorella spp. and Dunaliella spp. The world production of the bluegreen algae Spirulina reaches approximately 3,000 t per annum. Primarily, the species Spirulina and Aphanizomenon flo-aquae are used for the production of natural dyes like phycocyanin and phycoerythrin. The carotenoids beta-carotene and astaxanthin are synthesized in high amounts from Dunaliella and Haematococcus. Furthermore, the report gives an overview of diverse companies that are working in the fields of marine biotechnology, which are shown in a graphic presentation. Thus companies could be found in North, Middle and South America, in Asia, especially in China, Japan and India and as well as in Europe and Australia. The cultivation in open systems is primarily used in the Asia-Pacific rim, many companies which are located in Europe and the USA in contrast offer different technologies for the marine biotechnologies..
During the last years, the production of regenerative energies like biodiesel from micro algae and the genetic engineering with micro algae have been gaining in much importance.
Through genetic engineering many companies and scientists are trying to develop transgenic micro algae for the commercial use. Thus the content of oil or the yield of carotenoids and dyes should be enhanced as well as the production of proteins through micro algae should be facilitated
Furthermore, the biotechnology of micro algae is developing a solution to use micro algae for the commercial production of biodiesel in an industrial scale. At this point, it exists an interface between genetic modifications of micro algae, because the directed production of suitable long-chain hydrocarbons in micro algae could lead to higher yields for the production of bio diesel.

Based on a recent internet search, we present here a list of algae producers and companies currently developing production technology. This list doesn't claim to be complete yet. It is, however, the most comprehensive web directory of this industry publicly available.

Country Company Name Homepage

Austria Cyano Biofuels GmbH
Phytolutions GmbH
Subitec GmbH
Bioprodukte Prof. Steinberg GmbH
Blue Biotech GmbH
Novagreen GmbH
Salata GmbH
Breen Biotec GmbH

Israel Algatech
Nature Beta Technologies

Spain Bio Fuel Systems
Marine Farm Madrid
Easy Algae
Algaebiotech SA
Cleanalgae SA
Algasol Technologies

The Netherlands AlgaeLink,
BioKing closed
Ingrepro BV
Algae Food and Fuel
Evodos Algae Technologies
Phycom BV

Portugal AlgaFuel, S.A.
Necton S.A.

Canada Canada Algae Fuel System
Pond Biofuels

Argentina Oil Fox

USA A2Be Carbon Capture
Algae Biosciences Corp.
Algae Floating Systems, Inc.
Algae Fuel System
Algaeventure Systems http://www.algaevs.coom
Algalfarms inc
Aquatic Energy
Aurora BioFuels,Inc.
Biocentric Energy
Biogreen International
Blue Marble Energy
Bodega Algae
Carbon Capture Corp.
Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management – CEHMM
Chevron Corporation
Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corp
Cyanotech Corporation Cyanotech Corporation
Cuturing Solutions Inc
Diversified Energy Corporation
Earthrise Nutritional, LLC
Global Green Solutions
GreenFuel Technologies Corporation closed
Imperium Renewables
Infinifuel Biodiesel
Inspired Fuels
International Energy
Inventure Chemical Technology
Joule Biotechnologies
Kai BioEnergy Corp.
Kent Seatech
Live Fuels, Inc.
Martek Biosciences Corporation
MBD Energy Ltd
Mera Pharmaceuticals
Organic Fuels
Patriot Biofuels -EF3 tornado detroyed plant-
Phycal LLC
Renewable World Energies
Sapphire Energy
Solazyme, Inc
Solix Biofuels
Susquehanna Biotech, LLC

Australia / New Zealand Cognis Australia Pty Ltd
Biomax biodiesel
Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation (ABC)
Nutrimed Gro
Aquacarotene Ltd.

China Jiangsu Tiankai Biotechnology Co., Ltd Company website not found
Far East Microalgae Ind Co., Ltd.
BlueBio (Yantai) Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Changsha Natureway Co., Ltd Company website not found
Qingdao Haizhijiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Company website not found
Tianjin Norland Biotech Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Cibainian Nutrition Food Co. , Ltd.
Nanchang Yuanhe health-product Devoloping Co., Ltd Company website not found
Beihai Biology Care Deli Co., Ltd. Company website not found
Wefirst Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Jiangxi Boyuan Spirulina Co., Ltd. Company website not found
Jiangsu Cibainian Nutrition Food Co., Ltd. Company website not found
Yunnan Spirin Co. Ltd, China Company website not found
Dongtai City Spirulina Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.
LifeTech Enterprises Inc.USA Company website not found
Shandong Firstspirulina Biotech Co., Ltd Company website not found
Hainan Dic Microalgae Co., Ltd.
Fuqing Kind DDnarmsa Spirulina Co.,Ltd
Erdos Jiali Spirulina Co., Ltd Company website not found
BiofuelsHK Company website not found
Wudi IMVE Feed & Biotech Co Company website not found
Shenzhen Jawkai bioengineering R&D center company limited

Korea Daesang Corp
Korean Chlorella Company website not found

India Aurobiotech Company website not found

Jovialis Company website not found
Sateera Nutria Biotech Company website not found
Parry Nutraceuticals
Avantha (Mysore) Company website not found

Malaysia Algaetech Sdn. Bhd.

Saudi Arabia National Prawn Company

Japan Sunchlorella
Chlorella Industry Co., Company website not found
Yaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd.
Chlorella Industry Co.,LTD Company website not found
Nihon Vitamin Chemical Co., Ltd. Company website not found
Nikken Sohonsha Company

Turkey Algatek Company website not found

UK Algaebiotechproducts
Oxford Algaetech

Finland Neste Oil Corporation

Myanmar Myanmar Pharmaceutical Industries

Taiwan Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company http//
Far East Bio-Tec Co., Ltd
Vedan Enterprise Corp.
Taiwan Marine Technology Co., LTD.

Brasil Revolution Biofuels

Chile Solarium Biotechnology

Thailand Siam Algae Co., Ltd Company website not found
Boonsoms Farm

France Roquette

Russia Conversia Co. Company website not found

Norvay Algetech Industrier AS

Belgium SBAE Industries

*company website not found: company was mentioned in supplier internet directory.



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