Studying at a university does not only mean coming to terms with a new set of formal requirements and successfully completing the course work. Reflecting on and strengthening your own personality is an important aspect that you should pay a lot of attention to – repeatedly – during the course of your studies. This helps you to follow your personal path and to find out in which direction you would like to develop. A personal assessment of where you stand and recognising your own competencies is very helpful for this and serves as a compass when it comes to recognising and realising your personal goals. Here you will find seminar offers to accompany you in this process.

Professional Skills Certificate

In order to obtain the module certificate 'Professional Skills' with 6 ECTS credits, a total of 60 attendance hours must be completed within 2 semesters in the following subject areas:

The seminars and workshops that can be credited towards the Professional Skills Certificate each comprise 15 teaching hours. You can recognise them by a (t) in the course title.

In one of the sub-modules, an examination must be taken which is assessed with a grade. Recognition of equivalent competences acquired elsewhere in the above-mentioned subject areas is also possible.


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