Studying means dealing with a subject area in a committed and intensive way. But studying also means becoming aware of what role and responsibility you want to take on in society now and in the future. Personal responsibility goes beyond the personal learning path in your studies. There are many opportunities inside and outside the university to critically engage with overarching issues and to become personally involved and active. Feel free to take a look around at what we have to offer.

Professional Skills Certificate

In order to obtain the module certificate 'Professional Skills' with 6 ECTS credits, a total of 60 attendance hours must be completed within 2 semesters in the following subject areas:

The seminars and workshops that can be credited towards the Professional Skills Certificate each comprise 15 teaching hours. You can recognise them by a (t) in the course title.

In one of the sub-modules, an examination must be taken which is assessed with a grade. Recognition of equivalent competences acquired elsewhere in the above-mentioned subject areas is also possible.


  1. VANR: 11041

    Politikberatung in den Internationalen Beziehungen - Allianzen, Interessen und Interessenskollision im Nahen und Mitttlleren Osten (MENA[T]-Region)

    • 20.10.2021
    • Sakmani
  2. VANR: 11039


    • 22.10.2021
    • Sakmani
  3. VANR: 11011

    Innovation und Unternehmergeist

    • 22.10.2021
    • Schemmann
  4. VANR: 11042

    Praxis der Politik Ideen für ein besseres Europa – Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten in der EU und die Konferenz zur Zukunft Europas.

    • 28.10.2021
    • Laws
  5. VANR: 10976

    Kritikfähigkeit im Umgang mit den Medien heute (t) - Online-Seminar

    • 22.11.2021
    • Pantijelew
  6. VANR: 10989

    Unternehmerisches Denken und Sozialkompetenz (t)

    • 03.12.2021
    • Tussinger
  7. VANR: 10991

    Führung - heute und morgen (t)

    • 28.01.2022
    • Tussinger
  8. VANR: 10992

    Digitale Transformation und eine neue SMART WORLD 5.0 (t)

    • 04.02.2022
    • Tussinger