Degree Bachelor of Science
Standard period of study 7 semesters
Credits 210


Admission restricted Yes
Admission requirements
  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) or placement examination/special admission
  • Prior to enrolment at the HSB you must have entered into a firm contract for vocational training with a company with which the Hochschule Bremen has concluded a cooperation agreement for the implementation of the programme.
Language of instruction German
Faculty/institution School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Integrated stay abroad Yes
Study format cooperative study mode

The Cooperative International Women's Programme in Computer Science enables you to obtain a degree in computer science with a focus on software development. The foundation courses of the degree programme are offered exclusively for women and are taught in small groups.

From the 3rd semester onwards, you can take part in co-educational courses (with male and female students). The idea behind the cooperative programme is to acquire sound comprehensive knowledge of computer science by alternating between academic and practical phases.

It is a prerequisite that HSB and the partner company coordinate with each other and conclude a cooperation agreement. In alternating phases, the students attend courses at HSB and pass through various departments of the partner company. Prior to starting their studies, they enter into a contract for vocational training with a partner company of the degree programme. Students receive remuneration from the company for the entire duration of their studies. The programme is accompanied by practical phases and an integrated internship in the 7th semester. 

For further information, see "International Women's Programme in Computer Science".

Piktogramm zur Darstellung einer Person

„I benefit above all from the small learning groups and the practical relevance of the degree programme.“

Svenja 1st semester

Career prospects

The strong practical orientation in the Cooperative International Women's Programme in Computer Science paves the way for a quick and smooth career entry. In software development, communication skills, teamwork and sensitivity towards cultural characteristics are important success factors in addition to technical know-how.

You will be optimally prepared for these requirements over the course of your studies. Our graduates are in demand wherever software is planned, developed, adapted and used, i.e. in small and medium-sized enterprises in the region as well as in the public sector or in internationally operating companies.

On the one hand, the programme creates a broadening of career perspectives for women and, on the other hand, contributes to increasing the still very low proportion of women in technical and natural science degree programmes. The degree also entitles the holder to take up a consecutive Master's programme.

Programme structure

In the first two semesters, students learn the theoretical and practical basics of computer science. Practical laboratory exercises are usually integrated into the courses. All courses are monoeducational, i.e. only held in women's groups.

The third and fourth semesters focus on concepts of computer science that are of fundamental importance for the design and realisation of large software systems. In these two semesters, you have the option of selecting a course from the pool of attractive elective courses offered by the faculty. You attend these courses together with male and female students from other degree programmes.

The fifth semester is reserved for a stay at one of our partner universities abroad (European and non-European countries), during which you will attend at least three courses. Following the stay abroad, there is the possibility of further specialisation in the sixth semester within the framework of projects and elective courses at the Hochschule Bremen. The final seventh semester begins with an internship of several weeks in a company, which is followed by completing your Bachelor's thesis.

Examination regulations (German)


The integrated, compulsory stay at a university abroad in combination with the additional practical semester qualifies you to deal with transnational and intercultural issues. It also opens up greater opportunities for you to take on management positions, especially in technologically oriented professional fields.


An overview of our partner companies and the available places for dual studies can be found here:


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    Questions about the degree programme can be answered by the contact persons on the degree programme pages. If you have any further questions about your decision to study at HSB, our advisory and service institutions will be happy to help.

  2. Apply

    You need to apply with a cooperating company first. After signing a training contract, you can apply to HSB.

    Applying to HSB is not possible without a training contract.


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