Start 27.10.2022
End 26.01.2023
Termin 6 live sessions on Thursdays, 10:00 - 14:00 h:
10.11., 24.11.2022
12.01., 26.01.2023
Location Hybrid Course
Fee free of charge
Maximum number of participants 16
Professor Warren Laine-Naida
Personal detail Warren Laine-Naida has lived in Germany since 1992, first in Munich and then Bremen. In Munich he worked for Springer & Jacoby during the dotcom boom. He worked at Jacobs University Bremen as Web Services Manager from 2004 until 2016. Since then Warren has worked as a freelance consultant and teacher. His focus is small businesses and nonprofits. Together with VHS Bremen, Warren created a "Smart Senior" program to promote senior's digital competencies.
Contact Kirstin Reil, kirstin.reil@hs-bremen.de


- techniques and terminology of academic writing

- brainstorming methods

- research techniques

- organising information (classifying, defining, describing)

- structure and argumentation in academic texts


The course takes place in a hybrid form. Combination of live sessions with lectures, group work, discussions + material on learning platform AULIS

Target group

incoming students and other Hochschule Bremen students


Writing in English becomes increasingly important for students. In your academic and professional life you will be asked for abstracts, drafts, presentations, reports, Bachelor's or Master's theses and other sorts of English text.


This course will offer you different approaches to develop understanding, knowledge and skills for academic writing.


By the end of the course, students should be able to

- write references appropriately

- identify appropriate sources of literature

- understand key arguments in a paper and be able to summarise them

- be able to write summaries/abstracts

- be able to plan their own academic essay/paper

- understand issues of plagiarism


examination: written assignments (graded)


The course will involve a mix of several methods of teaching. For all sessions, short inputs by the lecturer will be followed by exercises developed by the lecturer. These exercises will include individual work, group work and discussions.




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VANR: 11199

Topic: Research Methods and Academic Writing


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