Start 04.05.2022
End 08.06.2022
Termin Live sessions on 6 Wednsdays from 14 - 18 h:
4, 11, 18 and 25 May 2022
1 and 8 June 2022
Location Online Course
Fee free of charge
Maximum number of participants 16
Professor Dr. Jessica Price
Contact Kirstin Reil, kirstin.reil@hs-bremen.de


Some of the topics addressed by the course:


- Multicultural societies, Pluralism and Integration

- Does cultural traditionalism has a place in modern plural societies?

- Gender categories: feminist movements and going beyond binaries; gender and postmodernism

- Is multiculturalism bad for women? Are there fundamental conflicts between commitment to gender equity and the desire and respect customs of minority and religious groups?

- Justice, gender and the politics of multiculturalism: reconciling tensions when liberal democracies try to protect cultural rights and sexual equality

- Presentation of students' position papers and debate

Target group

The course addresses primarily international students from all faculties, but all are welcome.


Students are provided with conceptual tools for the debate concerning whether the absolute adherence to multiculturalism may have an impact concerning the protection of gender rights and sexual equality.


Students will be offered the opportunity to learn about culture and multiculturalism and the challenges that it entails, particularly for liberal democracies, as well as gender theorizing, before they are introduced to the debate. The outcome is for students to be able to reflect upon these issues and develop an informed opinion before returning to their home countries.


examination: presentation + written assignment


lectures, group work, discussions


VANR: 11103

Topic: Gender and Multiculturalism

for students (if applicable)



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