Although universities of applied sciences have existed for more than 50 years, the career path towards a professorship at these universities (FH professorship/HAW professorship1) is still little known. Compared to universities or research institutions, a higher teaching load and the required professional practice call for much more than just scientific strengths on the part of applicants for an FH professorship. Especially the requirements for proven professional experience, industry and business contacts, as well as enthusiasm for teaching knowledge and skills to young people, inevitably go hand in hand with diverse career biographies.

1 FH stands for 'Fachhochschule' and HAW stands for 'Hochschule der angewandten Wissenschaften' in German. Both are terms for 'university of applied sciences'.

Why should you choose the HSB career path to an FH professorship?

  • You will meet committed young people studying along a continuous academic educational path from bachelor's to master's to cooperative doctorate.
  • You will work in one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Germany with a strong practical orientation in regional, but also international projects.
  • You will work at a university that takes its responsibility for a sustainable and future-oriented society seriously.
  • You will encounter family-friendly offers to strengthen the compatibility of work and family.
  • You will receive competent support, e.g. for the acquisition of third-party funding or implementing innovative measures of university didactics.
  • You will find adapted programmes for academic staff development.

Qualifying opportunities – becoming eligible for a professorship

HSB's special support programme for early career academics takes effect when highly qualified academics and practitioners are not yet eligible for a professorship because they lack one of the qualifications required to fill an FH professorship:

  • Non-university professional experience: at least 3 years
  • Doctorate
  • Teaching practice: i.e. a confirmed pedagogical-didactic aptitude through proof of teaching experience

Appointments – being a professor

Formal requirements

The hiring of professors at HSB is governed by the Bremen Civil Service Act §116(3).

Ideally, all professional requirements should already be fulfilled at the time of application. However, you can also apply when only a few months of professional experience or the completion of your doctorate are still missing.

Normally, appointment procedures take a few months. All requirements must be fulfilled by the actual time of appointment. It is also at the discretion of the appointment committee to assess whether it is possible to fulfil the requirements by the time of recruitment and therefore still possible to consider your application.

Your application documents

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications
  • List of courses taught
  • Special achievements in the application or development of scientific knowledge and methods in professional practice
  • Supporting documents

The appointment procedure at a glance

The appointment procedure at HSB is criteria-based, multi-stage and time-intensive.

  1. Initiation phase
  2. Formation of an appointment committee
  3. Call for applications
  4. Selection conference
  5. Hearing and trial teaching session
  6. Short-listing, appointment proposal and obtaining expert opinions
  7. Confirmation of appointment and appointment negotiations
  8. Onboarding newly appointed professors

Calls for Applications and contact

Curious? Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions:

Current calls for professorships at HSB