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On the 5th floor of the AB-building of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen at the location
Neustadtswall 30 is the building documentation and the photo studio of the School of Architecture
Bremen (SoAB), which is supervised by the Dipl.-Ing. Architektur Gehadeldin Adam.
In the front part of the 161 m² area is the building documentation of the School of Architecture. Here
architecture students, teachers and researchers can work, use the extensive reference stock of
architectural journals/books and product documentation available there and get help and advice
from Mr. Adam.

Self-study plays an important role in the study of architecture. This can take place partly in the
building documentation and in the photo studio of the SoAB under the expert advice and supervision
of Mr. Adam.


As in a library, the SoAB's Building Documentation and Photo Studio are intended for use by
students, faculty, and researchers individually and in small groups, but not as a place for courses.
Unlike a library, the Building Documentation and Photo Studio are not staffed by a librarian, but by
an experienced and knowledgeable graduate engineer who supports independent study by
architecture students and provides advice and assistance to students.


In the form of a reference library, journals, product documents, books, bachelor and master theses, dissertations, architectural videos (...) are provided. Online research in the library catalog and the resulting possibilities of pre-ordering, interlibrary loan, etc. are possible via PCs. The building documentation is in close partnership with the State and University Library. Copiers (with refectory card) and scanners are available to the users of the construction documentation.


In the back of the premises is the photo studio. Here, architecture students, teachers and researchers can professionally photograph architectural models and receive advice from Mr. Adam. They can use the cameras, tripods and studio lights as well as different backgrounds or borrow photographic equipment for architectural and outdoor photography.


SoAB's media desk is also located in the building documentation area. Teachers and researchers can borrow presentation equipment for courses, presentations, lectures or exhibitions here.


Bremen University of Applied Sciences,
Campus Neustadtswall,
AB building, 5th floor, room 511,
Neustadtswall 30,
28199 Bremen

Opening hours:

  • Baudok (construction documentation / photo studio / media) is closed until 08.04.2022.
  • From 11.04. - 13.04.2022 it will be open from 10:00 - 14:00 o'clock.
  • From 20.04.2022 the Baudok will be open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 - 16:00 o'clock.

If you need cadastral maps, feel free to contact us by e-mail and indicate the number(s) of your area. Use is free of charge exclusively for students and faculty in the context of study and research purposes.

Written requests for cadastral extracts from the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen should be made via the university's e-mail account and should include BA or MA, module number and designation, and the lecturer(s):


Example: BA 2.3 Design II, Prof. Mustermann.

Commercial use and transfer of data to third parties is not permitted!

Requests without information will not be answered.

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Exhibition of architectural models in the construction documentation

MA 3.3 Architectural Theory I Lecturer Prof. Dr. Claudia Kromrei