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Re-Registration and Semester Fees

If you would like to continue your studies in the coming semester, you must re-register. Re-registration takes place by transfer of the semester fee in the respective valid amount. You are responsible for your feedback, you will not receive any special notification. Students who do not properly re-register by transfer of the semester fee will be de-registered.

Re-registration deadlines:

  • For the WINTERsemester in June
  • For the SUMMER semester in January

Transfer the semester fee to the account of the Hochschule Bremen at Norddeutsche Landesbank. In the note to payee, enter your student number, surname and first name so that the payment can be assigned automatically. Example: 0123456 Sample Maxi

To re-register for the winter semester 2019/20, the semester fee of € 377.67 must be paid in June.

The semester fees are composed as follows:

Semester fees for the winter semester 2019/20 € 377.67
AStA € 9.00
German Student Services Association € 85.00
Semester Ticket € 221.67
Administrative Fees € 62.00

Please check the amount to be transferred in advance at "My studies" in CampInO. The personal semester fee may differ from the standard amount by offsetting any existing credit. In the CampInO you can also check the receipt of money.

Please also check in CampInO under "My Data" whether your address is current and change it if necessary.

If the payment for the confirmation is received on time and there is no confirmation block, the confirmation is carried out.

Your semester documents/student documents will not necessarily be sent immediately after receipt of payment, but you will always receive them by post in good time from the beginning of the semester (01.09. or 01.03.).

The study documents include:

  • 1 student card
  • 2 certificates of matriculation
  • 1 Certificate according to § 9 Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)
  • 1 semester ticket

Bachelor students of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, who are aiming for admission to the Master's programme at the HSB immediately afterwards, initially register back in the Bachelor's programme; the credit balance will be rebooked upon admission.

Time off, exemption from fees and repayment

Time off

You can apply for a leave of absence, which must normally be received by the registration and examination office of the university before the start of the new semester, i.e. by 31 January or 30 June. Details on leave of absence and the application form ("Antrag auf Beurlaubung") can be found on the page Time off. Among other reasons, a semester's leave of absence may lead to exemption from fees, which must always be applied for separately.
The staff of the registration and examination office will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of leave of absence, exemption from and reimbursement of contributions.

Exemption from the semester ticket

The semester ticket is generally obligatory for all students. Exemption from the semester ticket is only possible for special reasons and with appropriate proof. The reasons for an exemption are regulated in the contract of the Student Representation with the transport companies. You will also find them on the "Antrag auf Befreiung vom Semesterticket" (Application for exemption from the semester ticket).

The "Antrag auf Befreiung vom Semesterticket" must be addressed to the registration and examination office of the Hochschule Bremen with appropriate proof. If an application for time off is filed, the "Antrag auf Beurlaubung"  must be addressed to the registration and examination office before the beginning of the new semester.

Exemption from contribution to Studierendenwerk Bremen

If you are on leave for certain reasons, you can be exempted from the fee for the Studierendenwerk. Details can be found on the "Antrag auf Befreiung vom Studierendenwerksbeitrag" (Application for exemption from student union fees), which must also be submitted with the "Antrag auf Beurlaubung" to the registration and examination office by 31.01. or 30.06., i.e. before the start of the new semester.

AStA contribution and administrative costs contribution

The AStA amount and the administrative contribution are always payable and are not refundable even after exmatriculation.
The administration fee is only waived in the case of two or more leave periods in a row. 

Reduced payment for confirmation

If you have submitted applications for exemption in time and these are approved, please only transfer the reduced amount, which you will then also see on CampInO.
If you have paid too much due to late application or have a right to reimbursement due to de-registration during the semester, please use the "Antrag auf Erstattung" (application for reimbursement). The staff of the regitration and examinations office will be happy to advise you.

Long-term students or students older than 55 years or second degree students

Long term students, or over 55 years students or second degree students who have received or have received a notification of fees according to the Bremen Student Accounts Act will only be re-registered if you have paid the in addition the tuition fee of € 500.00.

An appeal against the fee notice has no suspensive effect. The payment obligation also exists in the event of an objection to the fee notice. No re-registration will be made if the tuition fee has not been paid.

Please pay attention:
Only those who have paid the semester fee on time will be enrolled or re-registered. The study documents (semester ticket, student ID, registation and BAföG certificates) are generally not sent immediately after receipt of payment, but in good time before the start of the new semester.


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