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Registration/ De-registration/ Change of university

Registration (matriculation) of admitted applicants proceeds by entry into the registration list of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen for the study course chosen. By the act of registration the applicant becomes a member of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen endowed with all privileges and obligations resulting therefrom. Registration must be applied for within a period set by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

By the way:
If you change your main place of residence to Bremen for the first time you will be entitled to receive a welcome bonus of 150 euros. Detailed advice on how to officially register your new place of residence is available here:  bremen service universität (bsu) (Antrag auf Begrüssungsgeld)

Students intending to terminate their studies or change to another university can deregister at any time.

Students changing to another university should at any event deregister only after they have been promised a place by the new university. Applications for deregistration must be submitted to the Academic Registrar's Office.

Deregistration proceeds automatically, i.e. without application, when students pass their final examinations in their study courses, or ultimately fail at such intermediate or final examination, or ultimately fail at providing an achievement necessary to pass the examination according to the regulations of the examination.

Students will also be deregistered without application if they fail to re-register due to reasons for which they are to be held accountable subsequent to a reminder with fixing a period of time and threat of dismissal from the university, or when re-registration has been denied.

Change of study course or place of study
Pursuant to the Higher Education Act of Bremen (BremHG) and the examination statutes of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen achievements of academic work and time spent at other universities may be accepted under the provision that the equivalence of these performances has been ascertained.

They are equivalent if contents, quantity and requirements match those of corresponding studies at the admitting university. The board of examiners will decide on the acceptability   of previous academic study and examination achievements upon submission of the required documents and hearing the opinion of the departmental representatives. The recognition procedure will be initiated only after registration at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen has been completed.

If you are de-registered from a study course of a college or a university because of having failed at an examination achievement, you are no longer entitled to study the same or a similar course.

Academic achievements can only be recognized if you apply for admission to a higher semester as an advanced student, for which at least 3-4 modules must be acceptable for credit.



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