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International Components

Internationalisation, transnationalisation and globalisation take influence on social work in a very central way. Social problems do not only develop locally, regionally or nationally, but are connected to international factors of influence.

Our worlds of everyday life, communication, politics and economy are connected in a more and more transnational way, individual histories of migration are developed collectively and systems of social welfare are influenced by European and global actors, law making and declarations.
International components in the Social Work B.A. course

Along the concept of “Internationalisation at Home” the international perspective is an integrative core element in our Social Work Program. It is realized along the following elements:

  • Annual SocNet98 International University Weeks with 15 European partner universities visited by our students and lecturers.
  • Curricula-related international study activities with partner universities like visiting programs for students at Marmara University in Istanbul or the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen.
  • The module “5.1 International Social Work“ enables students for international and intercultural co-operation and reflection in research, academia and practice.
    The internship in the fifth semester is frequently undertaken as a semester abroad.
  • Course work and examined modules completed at international universities are assessed in advance for admissibility and can afterwards be assessed for acknowledged in our curriculum.
Our university partnerships

Through of its membership in the “SocNet98 – European Network of Universities/Schools of Social Work“, the School of Social Work is particularly closely linked with the following European partner universities:


„SocNet98 – European Network of Universities/Schools of Social Work“ provides funded periods of study to students (potentially with subsequent internship) and guest visits for instructors at the participating universities.

International University Weeks

Every April, several International University Weeks (IUWs) with students and lecturers from the membership universities are taking place within SocNet98.

2019: IUWs planned in St. Pölten, Hasselt, Ceske Budejovice, Glasgow
2018: IUWs in Bremen, Bournemouth, Porsgrunn, Jena
2017: IUWs in Helsinki, Linz, Groningen, Leuven
2016: IUWs in Hasselt, St. Pölten und Emden
2015: IUWs in Bremen, Porsgrunn, Odense, Jena
2014: IUWs in Linz, Groningen, Leuven
2013: IUWs in Bournemouth, Helsinki, Ceske Budejovice, St. Pölten, Jena
2012: IUWs in Malaga, Odense, Hasselt, Freiburg, Emden Jena
2011: IUWs in Bremen, Groningen, Porsgrunn und Waterford
2010: IUWs in Umeå, Jena, St. Pölten und Leuven
2009: IUWs in Odense, Linz und Ceske Budeovice

European Master of Social Work

Since with autumn 2012, a European Master of Social Work program is offered by seven "SocNet98" universities. Teaching units take place in The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania and Germany and the program can be studied as executive program while working and living in Bremen. Further information at: European Master of Social Work.


ERIS - European Research Institute for Social Work

Through an Associate Membership in ERIS - European Research Institute for Social Work, our School of Social Work is directly connected to the European academic debates on social work over annual autumn conferences, annual spring schools and the ERIS Web Journal.

Further partner universities

Beyond SocNet 98, formal agreements for the exchange of students and lecturers are in effect with the following universities:

Additionally, our lecturers provide direct contact to the following universities:

We are a member of the EASSW (European Association of Schools of Social Work), and are represented in the Friends programme of the Friends Program of the IFSW (International Federation of Social Workers) by Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck.


Person of Contact
Program Director
Name Phone E-Mail
Kühl, Holger +49 421 5905 3775  send
International Co-ordinator
Name Phone E-Mail
Spatscheck, Christian, Prof. Dr. +49 421 5905 2762  send
International Relations Office
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Ghorbani, Corinne +49 421 5905 4805  send
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