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Course Sequence (Modules)

Description of the modules
With a practice-oriented, interdisciplinary approach, the English-language degree course in International Tourism Management prepares students for a leading role in today’s global tourism industry. In the first two semesters, participants will attend up to 16 modules, 13 of which include an examination. This examination can take place in the form of a written exam, an oral exam, a seminar paper or a presentation. These modules include, among others, International Financial Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Tourism Marketing. Moreover, the module Applied Project Management offers the possibility of putting theoretical knowledge into practice with the help of a real project. In the third semester, the master’s thesis is written. There is also the possibility of finishing the MBA degree within 2 semesters.

Module Overview

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Modules (1) Introduction
A. The Phenomenon of Tourism and its Systems
B. Tourism Economics and Industries
(6) International Legal and Tax Framework
A. International Business Law
B. International Taxation Systems
Master Thesis
(2) Intercultural Management
A. Culture and Cross-Cultural Management
B. Communication
(7) Strategic Planning
A. Marketing Research
B. Development and Implementation of Strategy
Master Thesis
(3) International Financial Management
A. Global Finance
B. International Accounting
(8) International Project Management
A. Project Management Concepts
B. Demand in Tourism
Master Thesis
(4) Corporate Social Responsibility
A. Business Ethics / Sustainable Development
B. Human Resources and Diversity Management
(9) Applied Project Management *
A. Tourism Case Study
B. Field Research

* real project with field study and presentation in destination
Master Thesis
(5) Tourism Marketing
A. Specifics of Tourism Marketing
B. Marketing Operations
(10) Electives:
1. Contemporary Issues in Tourism
2. International Politics and Relations in Tourism
3. Leadership Challenges
4. Business Strategy Analysis Tourism
Master Thesis

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Student Voice
Kathrin Uhrbrock (Alumni 2010), Germany

“I can honestly say that I got much more out of the Master in International Tourism Management program than I first expected. My wish was to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. However, I did not only leave with the degree and a job but with a lot more: knowledge about other countries and cultures, interesting and fun experiences, and new and dear friends from all over the world. Classes are not restricted to the tourism sector but range from marketing or finance over to project management and cultural courses..."


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