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Course Sequence (modules)

The Cooperative Degree Course in Business Studies B.A. is characterised by its alternating phases of practice and theory.

The phases of practical work with the vocational training components are undertaken in the partner company concerned. The theory phases are undertaken at the School of International Business (Department of Economics) of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. After 2 years and with the agreement of the partner company concerned, it is possible to take the examination of the trade’s professional body (industrial clerk, office management clerk, insurance and finance clerk to finish the vocational training).  


The theory phases of the Cooperative Degree Course in Business Studies B.A.  are divided into five modules per semester at the university. In the first four semesters there is also a further module each semester in the partner company (theory-practice transfer module). In addition to the face-to-face teaching in the form of lectures, course work must also be undertaken as self-study and through the interlinking with the practical training in the theory-practice transfer module.

In the sixth and seventh semesters there is a choice of two specialisations. The specialisations available are listed below. In addition, a Bachelor project with practical relevance is undertaken in the sixth semester and serves as preparation for the Bachelor thesis, which is written in the seventh semester.

In the first four semesters there are 4 Credit Points (CP) per module and 10 CP for the theory-practice transfer module, i.e. 30 CP per semester. In the sixth and seventh semesters each of the five modules carries 6 CP, i.e. again 30 CP per semester.

During the seven-semester course it is thus possible to obtain 210 CP overall (taking into account the intensive phase of practical training in the fifth semester).




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