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Tuition Fees for long-term students

Dear Students,

on this page you will find information on tuition fees for long-term students. We would like to give you a brief overview of the legal foundations and the further proceedings related to tuition fees.  

Legal foundations:

Pursuant to Article 109 a of Bremen's Higher Education Act (BremHG) from June 22, 2010 most students receive a study account with a study credit when they register at university. Further details are expounded in the Study Account Act of Bremen and the ordinance hereto related issued by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen regulating the execution of  the Study Account Act of Bremen (Study Account Regulation).

Calculation of your individual study account credit

The calculation of your individual study account credit in the form of tuition-free study semesters proceeds in accordance with the Articles 2 to 4 of Bremen's Study Account Act. In principle, the following applies:

  • Students receive a study account credit covering a total of 14 semesters.
  • Students who are older than 55 years receive no study account credit at all.

Consumption of the study account credit

All tuition-free university study semesters which have been completed at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen or at any other university in Germany or Europe will be deducted from the study account credit.

Total amount of tuition fees
The tuition fees for long-term students amount to 500.00 euros per semester. The tuition fees must be paid upon re-registration in addition to the semester fees. Students who are obliged to pay tuition fees shall receive an official notice of the fees to be paid.

Hearing procedures

Hearings are initiated each semester for students who are obliged to pay tuition fees. These students will receive a cover letter and a pre-hearing questionnaire. Students who have received such a letter have the following options in the purview of the hearing procedure:

  • They are entitled to file an application for exemption from the obligation to pay for   tuition on account of exceptional situations pursuant to Article 5 of Bremen's Study Account Act, for example, because of a leave of absence from another university or the need to take care of a child.
  • They are entitled to file an application for forbearance, abatement or waiver of the tuition fee on account of prevailing circumstances of undue hardship pursuant to Article 6 of Bremen's Study Account Act, for example, because of the study-prolonging effect of a handicap or severe disease.

To ensure that these facts may be considered, the pre-hearing questionnaire must be filled out, undersigned and endowed with evidence within the time period stated.

Notice of fees
Subsequent to the return of the pre-hearing questionnaire a decision will be taken regarding the applicant's obligation to pay the fees and dispatched to the applicant along with an instruction on his or her rights of appeal. If an objection is raised against a notice of fees it must be observed that the tuition must be paid provisionally, as an objection does not grant a suspensory effect. Re-registration will be put on hold and the semester documents (Leporello) will not be dispatched until payment has been received. It is therefore very important that the students who have received a letter send the pre-hearing questionnaire back within the deadline period, so that the circumstances stated therein can be taken into consideration before a notice of fees is issued.

We hope that this information will answer most of your questions, yet we have compiled some more frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers under the link FAQ.

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