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Trial Studies

Studying with a Restricted University Admission

In exceptional cases you can be admitted to university without any higher education entry qualification. For example, if you have professional experience you may be given the opportunity to sample regular lectures in certain courses as an auditor. 

Requirements for trial studies
According to Article 35 Paragraph 2 of Bremen's Higher Education Act in conjunction with Article 12 of the Admissions Statutes, Bremen University of Applied Sciences is entitled to admit applicants with a restricted admission if they  

  • either completed vocational training or have five years of job experience, or

  • are able to evidence equivalent alternative qualifications.

Please seek advance information for the respective subject-specific entry requirements for the study course of your choice on the Study Course Page.

Written application for an admission to trial studies
The application for admission to trial studies must include:

  • name of the study course aspired ,

  • a certificate of completed apprenticeship,

  • references and/or certificates of five years of professional experience, or

  • references of an equivalent alternative qualification

  • curriculum vitae, passport photograph and a copy of your passport or identity card

Your application for the following winter semester must be received at the latest by July 15.

Hochschule Bremen
Dezernat 3 - Probestudium
Neustadtswall 30
28199 Bremen

Your application shall explain as to what extent, according to your opinion, your professional experience and advanced professional training and further education measures have created beneficial conditions for you to study at Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, you must apply in ONLINE portal.

Allocation of admissions proceeds pursuant to the ordinance regulating the decentralized allocation of university places. A quota is reserved for "professionally qualified persons". A minimum of one place can be allocated to applicants according to this quota.

Trial studies are hence not automatically associated with an entitlement to an allocation of a place in an admission-restricted study course!

What do trial studies with restricted university admission mean?

Admission and/or registration of studies with restricted university admission proceeds for the first semester of the study course of choice and is limited to a maximum of two semesters. Trial studies last one academic year.



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