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Hochschulstart - Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DoSV)

Important Information about the Admissions Procedure:

Bremen University of Applied Sciences participates in the dialogue-oriented service procedure. This concerns the study courses with local admission restrictions:

Please submit your application to our Applicants' Portal.

What consequences does this have for your application at HSB Bremen City University of Applied Sciences?

If you are interested as a beginner in one of our non dual degree study progrmmes, your journey will start with your registration at

For registration, enter your personal data. You will then receive an Applicant's ID (BID- applicant identification number) and an BAN (applicant authorization number). You will need both for your application once you have entered our university application portal. 

On our university pages Application and Admissions we inform you how you can submit your application to us. Please note that you can modify your application for our study courses in our Applicants' Portal only.

What deadlines must be observed?

You can submit your application in the time from June 01 to July 15 (application period).

You may submit the last application (of a maximum total of 12 applications nationwide) until July 15 at 11.59 p.m.

After the submission of your application you can check the status of your applications and the admission approvals of the universities in your user account in the Applicants' Portal of hochschulstart. de You can accept admission approvals or, for example, wait for an admission approval of higher priority. The admission approvals granted to you will be available in your user account at the latest on Aug. 15.

If an admission option has been submitted to you, you will have the opportunity to accept it. If you do, you will receive an acceptance in return (notification). Unless you have accepted a previous admission option, you will be entitled to prioritize your study preferences prior to Aug. 18. This prioritization is decisive to determine the best possible admission option for you. Only the best possible admission option will be displayed in the course of the further procedure. Lower prioritized applications will be deleted.

Comprehensive information about the application procedure is available on the website

Who has access to your data? processes selected data received by our university. The employees of a university only have access to applications directed to the respective university, but not to other applications. Data protection is guaranteed at all times.

What is the dialogue-oriented service procedure?

You will receive information about dialogue-oriented service on the homepage of hochschulstart. Here you will find answers to your questions, useful links and downloads as well as the flyer.

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