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Hochschule Bremen

January to April of the Year of Study

Application for Admission
In order to apply for a Bachelor degree course at the University, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Completion of secondary studies and entitlement to general or field-specific university-level/post-secondary/collegiate study (Hochschulreife), entitlement to attend a specialised or technical post-secondary programme of study (Fachhochschulreife), or a certification of entitlement to attend post-secondary education that is deemed equivalent.

  2. German language skills.

Several degree courses have additional requirements, for example, practical experience. Please consult the information provided by the degree course Studiengangs, you wish to pursue for find out if additional requirements must be met.

  • Secondary School Certificate of Completion + German translations

  • School certificates + German translations
  • Documentation of Previous Post-Secondary education, if applicable + German translation

Send your documentation to:

Hochschule Bremen
c/o uni-assist e.V.

D-11507 Berlin

You can apply for the winter semester only!
Please apply between 15.05. and 15.07.!

Never send original documents.

Chinese citizens’ transcripts will not be interpreted by the University. You are required to have your transcripts evaluated in your native country.

Kindly contact:

Deutsche Botschaft Peking / Akademische Prüfstelle des Kulturreferats
Landmark Tower 2, Office 0311

8 North Dongsanhuan Road
Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing / V.R. China

The application period closes July 15th.

A confirmation will usually be sent to you within four weeks after receiving your application.

If you have been accepted, you will receive an official offer of admission from the University registration office by the mid-August.



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