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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Since the accreditation through ZEvA following the winter semester of 2003, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers two consecutive Bachelor and two Master’ Degrees with the college grades of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and a Master of Science (M.Sc.).
The degree in Civil Engineering at Bremen College holds a duration of 7 semesters. The aim of the specialisation, is to qualify students to work in structural engineering projects within the fields of planning, design, project control, implementation and monitoring. For this, questions of a static/constructive, building operational, transport technical, water engineering and settlement water management nature are taken into consideration.
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The Master’s Degree is a deepened scientific training with the goal of equipping students towards independent scientific work. The required specialised, methodological and social competencies necessary for the work on modern problems within the research and practice of civil engineering are acquired through seminars and project assignments. The duration of study spans 3 semesters including the Master thesis. The qualification of an M.Sc. qualifies for promotion and acts as access into the senior sections of the civil service.



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