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Suggestions and Criticism

Should you wish to make suggestions regarding improvements or would like to criticise something...

  • Simply send an email to Ms. Fredelake.                                      
  • Or contact us directly.
  • If desired your comments will be treated confidentially; that is your name will not be passed on to third parties.
  • Anonymous comments will also be accepted if absolutely necessary.
  • Each objective criticism will receive a prompt response.
  • We will quickly try to find a suitable way to resolve the issue.


Due to our surveys and the results of student course evaluations we know that our School is considered to be competent and well-organised by the large majority of students and that they enjoy studying here.

On occasion, however, there is cause for criticism. The situation can only be rectified if criticism is voiced, it cannot simply remain in the proverbial 'grapevine'. Of course it is best when confusion, misunderstandings and conflicts are addressed at their source: contextual and didactic concerns should first be discussed with the instructor, administrative issues with the course director. Should this not lead to a solution, or it is impossible in a specific case, we are the right people to talk to - see below.

Of course we cannot guarantee that we will be able to change areas that have been criticised immediately. However, objective information and opinions are definitely the first step to recognising specific weak points in the School. Please do not expect miracles immediately. However, as the wise Chinese proverb states: even a long journey begins with the first step. Please take it.

Additionally: It doesn't always have to be criticisms and complaints. We also like to hear about the good things!


Name Phone E-Mail
Fredelake, Sandra +49 421 5905 4100  send

Please feel free to contact the other members of the dean's office or a member of the dean's office directly.

Name Phone E-Mail
Krüger, Ulrich, Prof.Dr. +49 421 5905 4465  send
Kuron, Ulrich, Prof. Dr. +49 421 5905 4430  send
Meyer, Helga, Prof. Dr. +49 421 5905 4411  send


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