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Students studying at the School of International Business organise conferences, symposia, discussion forums and other forms of public presentations relating to their work , which is academic, but also practical in nature.

In addition to promoting the academic programme and facilitating the integration of industry partners into our academic pursuits, the conferences also serve as a forum for alumni. Graduates regularly give lectures, thereby facilitating contact with former students.

Some of the events include:

  • BIM Convention, organised by the third semester of the Business Studies/International Management degree programme and generally focused on topics connected to the field of international management.
  • EFA-Symposia, organised by the students of the European Finance and Accounting degree programme. Some of the main topics of recent years have related to the challenges faced by companies which arise from the international standardisation of accounting processes. More information on the Symposia are available at
  • AWS Forums, organised by the students of the Applied Business Languages and International Management degree programme either as a joint effort or in relation to their particular course – business and Arabic, Chinese or Japanese studies. While looking at questions which interest all three areas, they also focus specifically on a particular target region. The questions relate to international and intercultural management.


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