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Research at the School is concentrated in several research institutes. All institutes work as advisory institutions serving business and non-profit organisations.

The Bremen Institute for Empirical Trade and Regional Structure Research is mainly concerned with questions relating to regional and city development, cultural economics, retail marketing and the development of innovative concepts for trade.

The interdisciplinary working group markt.forschung.kultur   (market.research.culture) specialises in research and services for the cultural field, conducts market research projects and advises cultural institutions. 

The Centre for Intercultural Management (ZIM) is concerned with questions of intercultural communication structures and diversity in intercultural and international professional areas.
The activities of the Centre for Public Management (CPM/ZeP) involve the provision of services and research for the management of public institutions. Research is focused on public management, social management, scientific management and promotion of trade and industry and structural politics. The different services provided by the CPM/ZeP focus on the academic side of these areas of research. Services include in particular the development and holding of seminars in specific professional or academic areas, the development of curricula for further education, certification services for different areas of public administration as well consulting services.
The Turkish-German Business Institute (td-win)/(tg-bi) is concerned with issues related to business management and economics and how they relate to the bilateral relationship between Turkey and Germany. Services offered include: information acquisition and analysis (e.g. creation of a database of German-Turkish companies, market analysis) and support for German-Turkish students conducting research projects, for example, concerning the business administration structures of Turkish companies in Germany or SWOT analyses of cross-culture enterprises in Germany and Turkey.
The Institute for European Regional Economy (ERE/IER) offers extensive know-how transfer in the area of regional structural politics and focuses particularly on European regional policies in the Central and Eastern European countries.

As the youngest institute of our School the Institute for Transport and Development (ITD) focusses its research on transport economics and development economics.


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