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"My experience at Hochschule Bremen was nothing short of gracious, exciting and educative. With its unique, culturally and historically endowed location, Germany - which is at Europe's heartland, more or less - offered me a very competent international environment for both learning and living.... an auspicious home away from home."
(Promise Igodo)) 

"Bremen is awesome! The people, the place the things one can do. The Hochschule has taught me so many things and it has also given me the opportunity to know people whom I now call friends... There is no question about it: I would do it again !!!"
(Ismael Rodriguez Gonzalez)

"It is always great to have exchange students on campus – it gives the Hochschule its international flair. We have got the unique opportunity to make friends from all over the world and to get to know different cultures, which gives us a good preparation for our year abroad. Classes become more interesting as culturally diverse points of view have to be taken into account. Aspects of every day life that are so normal to us living in Germany suddenly become something exceptional and exciting."
(Angela Opladen)

"I just wanted to thank you for giving us such a great class and the warm reception Faculty I gave to us, the international students.
It's been a semester full of learning and growing both, as a professional and as a person. although first, I must confess, I was a little reluctant to such courses (as an engineer I'm not that much into these subjects), courses like Quality Management, Project Management, Controlling, Finance and, of course, Business Game, opened my mind and now make me feel myself with enough tool to apply engineering to business (something that we usually don't care about). 
I'm very thankful with the effort the Hochschule is doing for the international students. I wish much more semesters like this, more international students and more success."
(Emilio Espinosa)


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Promise Igodo from Nigeria

Ismael Rodriguez Gonzalez from Mexico

Angela Opladen SiB student

Emilio Espinosa from Mexico


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