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FAQ Incoming students

How much are the tuition fees at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen?
Currently there are no tuition fees. Please ask the Students Affairs Office for more information.

What costs could I expect when living in Bremen?
Every month you could expect the following costs:
- Accommodation approx. € 280
- Living expenses approx. €300
- Health insurance approx. € 60
- Study material approx. € 30
- Public transportation and general administration fee approx. € 30
Total approx. € 700

How can I find a flat in Bremen?
The International Office of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen will assist you in finding your accommodation. 
In Germany most students live in shared flats (so-called WGs). You could find a shared flat by searching the Internet first and follow up by contacting the person responsible for the flat you are interested in. After introducing yourself you might move in. Another option is to rent your own flat from a housing association (so-called “Wohnungsgesellschaften”). You find some links below. Most of them are in German only, but our staff could also answer further questions.

Where do I find general information for exchange students?
Our International Office at the Neustadtswall campus offers all necessary general information on their homepage.
For detailed information about the School of International Business please have a look at the main page.

How can I apply for an exchange semester at the School of International Business?
If you are a student of a partner university of University of Applied Sciences Bremen you can use our application form for students from partner institutions.
You should contact the person in charge of the cooperation at your home university in order to make arrangements for your studies.
The respective coordinators at both institutions (home university and University of Applied Sciences Bremen) will inform applicants about the details for applying.

When are the deadlines for sending applications?
Summer semester: 15 January
Winter semester: 1 June

When do lectures start?
Summer semester: second Monday in March to end of June. Exams finish mid of July
Winter semester: first Monday in October to end of January. Exams finish mid of February

Does the University of Applied Sciences Bremen offer an orientation programme?
The International Office offers a special orientation programme in the week before lectures start.

Does the University of Apllied Sciences Bremen offer German courses?
All exchange students are invited to join the intensive German class (free of charge) during the special orientation programme offered by the International Office. Furthermore the Coordination Office for Continuing Education at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen offers German classes during the semester.

How much will further German courses cost?
As mentioned above the Coordination Office for Continuing Education at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen organises German courses and other language courses for all students from partner universities. As they are not part of the cooperation programme in most cases students need to pay for them. Cost: 160 Euro for a whole semester, 60 hours (6 ECTS), or 80 € for 30 hours (3ECTS)

Does the University of Apllied Sciences Bremen offer lectures in English?
Yes, in our School of International Business an increasing number of courses in business and administration related areas are given in English. Please note that you must clarify which courses are available in the respective language beforehand, as attending courses of other faculties is not permitted.
For all courses available in English follow 

Which degree courses can I enrol at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen?
AWS Applied Business Languages & International Management
BIM Business Administration / International Management 
BW Business Administration
MiH Trade and Retail Management 
EFA European Finance & Accounting
ESWV European Degree Programme in Business & Public Administration
ISGM International Degree Programme in Global Management
ISTM International Degree Programme in Tourism Management
ISVW International Degree Programme in Economics
ISWI International Joint Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Can I also attend classes in German?
Exchange students may also take classes in German, but they must have a minimum level of CEFR B1.2 in order to be able to follow lectures and courses in German.

When will I be able to choose my classes?
The final schedule will not be available before the start of each semester, so the course selection will be done after your arrival to Bremen.

Do I have to register for classes?
You usually have three to four weeks at the beginning of the semester to register for classes. For this purpose you will be given a course selection sheet by your International Coordinator at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

When will exams take place?
Summer semester: end of June until mid July
Winter semester: beginning of February until mid February. Attendance is mandatory during the exam period, so please take the exam dates into consideration when planning your exchange semester!

What kind of exams/tests are required in class?
Professors may offer either exams, presentations or essays. Please clarify the form of assessment at the beginning of the lectures.

When will I get my transcript of records? 
As soon as our Office of International Relations and Business Contacts receives all your grades from your classes we will issue your transcript and send it directly to your home university. This may take up to 2-3 months.

How do I find out about my grades?
We will post all grades on our online platform AULIS. You have to send an admission request to the group "Grades" in AULIS. In winter term 2011/12 a new system should be implemented.

When are the resit exams?
All exchange students of partner universities have the possibility of a resit exam. The professor in charge of your lecture will stipulate the form of exam. This can either be a presentation, essay, case study, or viva.
Resit exams take place as follows:
• winter semester: usually during the 5th and 6th week in the following summer semester
• summer semester: usually during the 1st and 2nd week in the following winter semester 
Any other possibilities depend on the professors and your home university. Please note that you have to submit a doctor´s certificate if you can not take your exam! Otherwise this will be counted as a fail.
For dates and times please see AULIS oder SIB website.

What is the buddy programme?
Some local students will be “buddies” for incoming exchange students. They will help them in their first days in Bremen. They will help you during your first days in Bremen and with any kind of question you have upon arrival. 

How can I prolong my period of study?
Your stay at the University of Apllied Sciences Bremen will ONLY be extended with PRIOR official approval of your home university. Please note that it may take some time until your home university sends you/us its approval. Should you intend to stay for a 2nd or 3rd semester in Bremen, contact your home university in good time!


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