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MSDN Academic Alliance

Conditions of Use

As a member of the MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), the School of International Business of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen is entitled to supply students, teaching staff and faculty professors with Microsoft software covered by the MSDNAA programme. The software in question is the current Microsoft software with developer tools, server and operating system. MS Office software is not included in the programme.

As an MSDNAA member, the School of International Business is entitled to install the software on an unlimited number of servers or personal computers on the premises of the faculty and to offer the software to teaching staff, employees and students for the purposes outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the

MSDN Academic Alliance End-User License Agreement (EULA)

in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the faculty.

Entitled students of an MSDNAA member university may additionally install the software on their personal computers.

In order to meet the requirements of the MSDNAA program, it is absolutely necessary to conform to the following Conditions of Use.

You must agree to the regulations set out in the MSDN End-User License Agreement, the appendix to the master EULA as well as further conditions established by the faculty. By installing, copying and using the products, you agree to abide by the regulations set out in the EULA and the License Appendix. Should you not agree to these conditions, you may not install, copy or otherwise use the product. Should the master license or EULA regulations be infringed, the MSDNAA administrator will demand the removal of the software from your personal computer.

Who can participate?                

All members of the School of International Business engaged in teaching and research in accordance with their employment contracts are entitled to participate.

Additionally, all students enrolled in the School of International Business are also entitled to participate.

Programme Restrictions

The use of the software is restricted to noncommercial purposes only, including teaching, research and/or development, the development and testing of projects for teaching purposes as well as the development and testing of private projects. The software may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever. The software may also not be used in the business and administrative areas of the faculty (offices, accounting...).

The installation and use of the Windows operating system is only permitted within the framework of the software encompassed by the program. The use of the Windows operating system exclusively as a platform for installing software by other developers or companies is not permitted.

It is forbidden to provide the software, registration key or authorisation code to third parties, to lend the software to third parties or to allow third parties to use the installed software.

Once you leave the faculty you will no longer receive any more product updates . You are, however, permitted to continue to use the software already installed on your own computer.


The software is distributed exclusively by the ELMS (e-academy License Management System) website. Software can be downloaded through the website (the most frequently used software is available for download). The website will also provide you with the necessary registration key:

To login to the MSDNA site use the username and password that you received with your university (RZhsb) account. Use your email password!



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