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Zusatzmodul English for Management Studies I + II (optional)

These courses aim to develop and improve your English language competences in business related fields.

The courses cover different topics such as:

  • Intercultural Competence and Communication
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Ethics
  • the Language of Meetings
  • Effective Writing
  • Presenting in English


The contents may vary according to the group.

At the end of the module students are expected to be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of the main ideas of complex speech in various business settings. listening
  • extract information, ideas and opinions from complex texts (e.g. reports, commentaries, newspaper articles). reading
  • express their own ideas and opinions in conversations and discussions about business related subjects. spoken interaction
  • give a short presentation on a subject in their professional field. spoken production
  • write clear and detailed texts on various topics related to their field of interest. writing
Stimmen aus dem Kurs
"Es hat 60 Stunden viel, viel Spaß gemacht! Tausend Dank!"

"Es werden Ängste vor der Sprache abgebaut."

Dozentin Kirstin Reil, MBA
Koordinierungsstelle für Weiterbildung
Umfang Teil I: 30 U.Std.
Teil II: 30 U.Std.

(können separat gebucht werden)
ECTS-Punkte 3 + 3
Entgelt 287,50 EUR pro Kurs
(Alumni der Hochschule Bremen 258,75 EUR)
nächster Beginn voraussichtlich WS 2018/19


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