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Lunch Talk Transport Economics

In regelmäßig stattfindenden Vorträgen mit anschließender Diskussion informiert die Reihe "Lunch Talk" des Schwerpunktes Verkehrswirtschaftslehre (Leitung: Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Niemeier) über aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Logistik.

Aktueller Vortrag:

Joerg Bibow, Skidmore College, USA: "Germany and Euroland in the global economic crisis”. Monday, January 5 th 1.00 to 2.00 p.m., Werderstr. 73 D 109

Abstract: The ongoing global economic crisis features the implosion of credit structures that have been closely related to "global (current account) imbalances”. My talk will challenge the view that Euroland apparently acted as a bystander in the built-up of global imbalances and hence represents something of a "victim” in today’s crisis. In particular, I will reject the idea of Germany as the paragon of sound "stability-oriented” policies. Germany is not only the key source of serious imbalances within Euroland and Europe. Globally, the acclaimed world export champion may also lay claim to the title of "global parasite no. 1".

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Frühere Vortäge:

  • Am 15. Dezember war Andreas W. Schulz, CAT, Stelle, zu Gast. Sein Thema lautete: "Chancen und Risiken beim Markteintritt und -austritt im Luftverkehr. Beispiele aus dem Umfeld der LCC".

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