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Theoretical and Practical Investigations of the Heat Transfer in Vertical Heat Exchangers in the Ground XIX International Symposium

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Smolen, Slawomir, Prof. Dr.-Ing.


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XIX International Symposium
Research - Education - Technology, Special Session:
Low Temperature and Waste Heat Use in Communal and Industrial Energy Supply Systems, Proceedings (Editor: S. Smolen), Hochschule Bremen, September 2009

Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen

September 2009

Theoretical and Practical Investigations of the Heat Transfer in Vertical Heat Exchangers in the Ground
The submitted paper presents selected results of theoretical and practical investigations into heat transfer in the soil by vertical heat exchangers, in connection with their application possibilities in earth-coupled heat pumps. In the course of a long-term research project various aspects of heat transfer in the soil have been investigated, and the present development of the project is connected to the modification and restructuring of the test bench which has existed since 1996, the goal of this being to achieve a better adaptation of the practical measurements to the theoretical research requirements. The presently operating test bench works with a heat carrier medium between the heat exchangers and the heat pump; the next phase of the project, however, in extension provides for a stage of direct evaporation of the refrigerant in the soil. The theoretical calculation models - those of the author as well as those of others - shall be better evaluated and verified with a modified and re-equipped test bench. In this paper primarily the potential possibilities of the new test bench are presented within the context of the theoretical research demand, and selected exemplary results are shown. Furthermore the relevant calculation methods are systemized, and the future demand on research and development is highlighted.



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